Minnesota Places

Nestled into an existing Portland neighborhood, the Minnesota Places quarter block redevelopment looks to replace some of the recently lost affordable housing in the area with high-quality, low cost apartments. Focusing on two and three-bedroom units, the new eight-story building provides living space for up to 72 families. The project was built using the mass timber construction technology, with mass-plywood panels sourced from a regional manufacturer.

The building is being designed as a Type IV C mass timber structure utilizing mass plywood panels (MPP). The project will also be built using modular construction, minimizing neighborhood impacts by decreasing on-site disruption. 

Throughout this project, the entire project team has been dedicated to the creation of new, permanent affordable housing units that are close to existing high-capacity transit and other urban amenities. The project is receiving OHCS LIFT Rental NOFA funding (2020 LIFT Rental NOFA Winner), 4% Low-Income Tax Credits, Metro Transit Oriented Development Grant, and Oregon Multifamily Energy Program funding.

  Location: Portland, Oregon

  Square Footage: 54,000

​  Client: Minnesota Place, LLC

​  Architect:  Wright Architecture